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Mickey Angst Report 239

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Mickey Angst Report 239

I have been out of town, actually out of the county over the Christmas holidays. Even worse for part of the time that I have been back in Nesquehoning I had to fend for myself as Helen was off to NYC visiting with my youngest son and his family. I plan more of the same over the New Year’s holiday. They remain unaware of the attacks on them in order to get at me.

All of the above gives me more excuses for my stalling on some school district matters. We still have no meetings, committee or otherwise, for two more weeks.

Just to give me something to write about I reviewed my reports of the past year. I even made a list of the ten biggest lies about me and my family members attributed to the likes of the Hiles/Markovich Truth Agent. I thought maybe I should refute them on this Reliable Source one more time but then reconsidered. I don’t believe very many of my readers really question the morals of my wife or children. They know I am a JROTC supporter even having originally supported hiring the present leader, neither I nor my sons have ever had any special sexual relationship with any male, not even a Mayor, and so it goes. After compiling the ten biggest lies circulated by the likes of the Truth Agent, I reconsidered. Frankly having had my name on a ballot for local office more than two dozen times, I have given political opponents lots of ammunition. In defense of Democrat opponents I can state they never stooped to the low level of the Hiles/Markovich Element.

Since my main objective for 2013 is to attract candidates for school board, I am going to do my part in trying to keep things at a higher level. What I have learned is the lower my critics go the more supporters come forth to help with the real school district issues.


I have received the official notification of the resignation of the Carbon County Republican Chair Lady. I also have two proxy votes to cast for her successor. I believe the countyGOP leaders are wrong in not keeping the public informed. The truth is seldom as bad as the rumors. More on this sitation some time early next year.

Mickey Angst Report 238

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Mickey Angst Report 238            12/24/12

I’m too full of the Christmas spirit to bother replying to the likes of the Hiles/MARKOVICH Element.

Merry Christmas to all.

Mickey Angst Report 237

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Mickey Angst Report 237           12/19/12

Right now my reports should be labeled the “GREAT STALL”. I am avoiding the details on some subjects and in particular the PV school board petition to officially have me barred from the many long and illegal executive sessions. Every where I go someone asks me about Judge Matika. As part of that“:GREAT STALL” I have avoided                                        some subjects and I will continue to do so at least until after the Christmas holidays. I wish I had never mentioned JROTC. Back in September I had decided to remain quiet on that subject until after the end of this school year. Then there was the two month absence of Ken Markovich and revelations that were previously hidden from me and the public generally. My questions at a board meeting largely went unanswered and that caused me to do some checking. I asked for the August and September employee absentee list. I received them. Recently I asked for the same list for October and November. At first the superintendent said she would leave them in an envelope for me. She didn’t. The answer I received was “that will be withheld until the judge rules”. That is just a sample of what is going on and the more information that is withheld from me the more that is leaked to me. All that let to my prediction there will be no JROTC next year. I should have been more specific like there will be no JROTC with Markovich as the head guy. That is why the line about they can’t keep things hidden forever. Some of the information passed on to me really is confidential and for now I will keep it that way at least until all other legal matters are resolved. Yes, that is not my usual decision for transparency and I assure you all that is only temporary. I want to save JROTC, not end it. I have lots of options and they involve more cluttering of the court calendar. Holy cow, is that necessary what with the unresolved DUI, the Barna law suits, the Coaldale Mayor thing, the RPxxxxx and lots more. No wonder the complaints about the heavy court calendar. Will the DUI make it to another Good Friday? If a DUI can be delayed for two years and kept out of the papers, what else can linger forever. What’s going on in the DA’s office?.

Let’s just enjoy Christmas.

Mickey Angst Report 236

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Mickey Angst Report 236            12/14/12

I’m going to give the main items featured in my last reports a temporary rest as I fill you in some other developments: the 1213/1214 Budget, JROTC, and Teacher Negotiations. Actually all three are related. I voted no on the proposed budget with its two mill tax increase and here is why. One, we can’t keep avoiding tax increases forever by refinancing bond issues. Two, we can’t keep hiding what is going on with our negotiations forever. Three, we can’t continue with irresponsible unnecessary spending. I have a lot more friends among our teachers than our administrators and fellow board members realize and so I know well their side of the issues. What’s more I agree with them that they are underpaid. This is especially true with our longest serving teachers. Adjustments should be made. It would be nice if we could factor in teacher effectiveness but frankly I know of no system that fairly measures effectiveness so seniority alone gets my vote. The teachers have to give in some on benefits. Where will the extra pay come from? My vote goes for reducing the number of employees including teachers at the high school level. Even though I favor adding soccer to our sports offerings I would also reduce our overall spending on athletics. We need to look closely at all of our expenses with legal costs high on my list. I vote no every month to the list of conferences our employees attend. I don’t want to pick on any specific individual but three people to New Jersey at a cost of $345.00, plus $210.00 for room plus $85.00 for something else then $242.00 each for two people to Hershey at a cost of $242.00 plus $459.54 for room, $200.00 for meals, 81.40 for mileage and 85.00 for a sub, and $345.00 for another Hershey trip with $496.17 for room is more than I can stomach. All that and more were items on our last agenda. It does not appear like thrift to me.

I’ll hold the JROTC item for a separate item but I predict there will be no JROTC after this year. The superintendent and business manager can’t hide what’s going on there forever.

Mickey Angst Report 235

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Mickey Angst Report 235    12/13/12

It has been four days since my last report and tempting as it was to do a 12/12/12 I put it off while I tried to put things together. When I go this long without a report, it seems to bother some people including my friends and supporters. With no meetings being held and none planned until mid January the happenings are behind the scenes and that means lots of checking to do in order to keep my promise of reliability.

Currently my main interest as I await  Judge Matika’s rulings has to do with the happenings in the federal complaints filed by John Barna. There was mediation scheduled for today in MonroeCounty on that matter. I learned Tuesday morning that the mediation had been cancelled. Then this morning I read an email sent to me by Mrs. Porembo confirming that Attorney Robin Snyder had informed her that this scheduled mediation has been cancelled. That email was sent to me at 2:25pm yesterday with all that nonsense that insisted upon me keeping all of this a secret. There is much going on that the public should know and I am doing my best. The Times News ran an item that claimed the school district is changing insurance companies in this matter. Frankly I don’t know how you do that with or without a vote of the school board at a public meeting. The insurance company that I thought was on the hook in this matter was Ohio Casualty. The agenda for our last public meeting listed this as Claim #804800650 by The Netherlands Insurance Company with Consent/Refuse as the options. I refused to vote even though it was revealed it was the Barna matter but with no cost figure. I later learned Barna was going into the negotiations asking for $50,000. Costly as that is if it gets us off the hook for the two different times that we seriously violated Barna’s rights I am in favor. Trials and their results will cost much more. I have learned in such cases the insurance companies push for a settlement and if you don’t agree they buy out and leave the client on the hook. Tempting as it is to embarrass two of our board members, that is just too big a risk for local taxpayers.

More on that on the refusal of the superintendent to provide me with information I am entitled to on a future report. She has me reconsidering the ACLU route even before Judge Matika rules.

Mickey Angst Report 234

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Mickey Angst Report 234    12/09/12

I have my school board schedule of meetings for the next few months and it is bad news for the public generally but good news for mickeyangstreport.com. We will continue with the bad practice of one regular voting meeting in most months and less committee meetings. No committee meetings are scheduled until mid January.

I say good news for my reports in that readership goes up and I received proof of that in the past week as I got out of the house for various meetings around the town and county every night last week except one. I ran into people I had not seen for months and they pumped me for information. Most of the interest was on school matters. Some sort of whisper to me, “I read your reports”. I assure all they can depend upon me for full and accurate accounts but for various reasons I am stalling a bid on some items. I assure all that is temporary as I don’t fear someone else getting ahead of me and breaking some news. Frankly I would welcome it.

I do have some corrections to make. Twice in the past week I incorrectly listed Korrine Nalesnik as one of those not sued in the Barna federal cases. She has been sued. The four present directors who have not been sued are me, Irene Genther, Richard Zabrosky and Michelle Markovich, Irene and I because we voted no on barring Barna from meetings and Zabroski and Michelle because they were not on the board at that time.

I also erred when I gave Bill Hunsicker credit, or should it be blame, for nominating Dave Hiles for VP of the school board. The minutes will show DeMarco jumped out ahead of Hunsicker. On that score I am questioned why three of our present school board officers are from Summit Hill and this means every Summit Hill director holds office; Jeff Markovich as president, Hiles as VP, and Michelle Markovich as secretary even though six of the present school directors are from Nesquehoning and three are from Summit Hill and none from Lansford or Coaldale. DeMarco is the treasurer and the only office holder from Nesquehoning. Obviously we elect officers on something other than where one lives.

It was also pointed out to me that I make typing errors and even an occasional mistake in punctuation and grammar. I do and as a former English teacher I should be ashamed even though I can claim senility. I was taught never to just sprinkle writings with commas and to prevent overuse of commas to always be able to quote a rule for use of a comma. Someone should teach that lesson to the writers of our school newspaper. I would also be caught making spelling errors but this gadget corrects my spelling for me. It does not always correct my typos. Is typos an accepted word?


As I get around I am asked about the rumor the GOP chairlady has resigned. I am no longer on the Carbon GOP Executive Committee but unofficially I was told she has by a “usually reliable source”. I have sensed for months something us up even though Republicans in CarbonCounty can boast of the success we have had at the polls under out present leadership,

“Truth crushed to earth shall rise again”. “There are no secrets under the sun”. Keep hitting mickeyangstreport.com.


Mickey Angst Report 233

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Mickey Angst Report 233           12/08/12

My research on the PV School Board  motion to “Refuse the recommended settlement figures as outlined in the Consent to Settle received by the Netherlands Insurance Company-Claim #804800650” is going well but for now I am  I am going to hold back on complete details other than state Irene Genther was the only one who got it right. She voted to accept the settlement, I did not vote because of the illegal denial of information needed by each director to make an intelligent informed decision. That will come and I hope soon in that delay runs up the costs that will eventually fall on the taxpayers. I, like the insurance experts, realize we can’t win and if we go all the way to trial the costs will run into hundreds of thousands. It’s too bad we can’t put all the costs on Dave Hiles and Jeff Markovich. Maybe in the other case, Mark Marek can be forced to help pay. Can you imagine, our board president claimed some lawyer was right in not permitting me, Irene, and Richard Zabroski to know who #804800650 stood for and how much the suggested settlement amount came to. We now know #804800650 stands for John Barna. I have not yet officially confirmed the proposed settlement amount as of this moment but unofficially the Barna side speaks of $50,000.

 A newsworthy item that is being overlooked is that it finally became public that the PVEA has rejected our latest settlement offer. They want to continue negotiations and have suggested four possible December dates for contract negotiations. About a half dozen of the PVEA members were at our Thursday meeting. They have made some changes in their negotiating committee. Maybe we should consider the same. At least ours is no longer headed by Tony Pondish. You may remember I declined to attend or participate in any way in negotiations headed by Pondish, a teacher at the time, who headed negotiations for the four year contract still in effect and that his son later served under. His son continues on unpaid leave. More on that and my reasons for voting no on the proposed two mill tax increase in due time. More on the JROTC in a future report.

Mickey Angst Report 232

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Mickey Angst Report 232             12/07/12

As I read through my Report 231, I realized I should have included School Director Michelle Markovich among the directors who was not invited into the meeting last night held in the Superintendent’s office to discuss a possible negotiated settlement with John Barna. That is because Michelle like Richard Zabroski was not the  school board that banned Barna. Irene Genther and I were on that board but we voted against the banning action. Of course, I don’t include Michelle among the director’s who know nothing about the discussion with Attorney Robin Snyder, the lawyer selected by the insurance company.

Mickey Angst Report 231

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Mickey Angst Report 231            12/07/12

I believe last night’s PV School Board meeting had lots of bad news for tax payers but there was one bright spot. Chris Parker was back covering for the Times News. I’m sure her articles in the next few days will be very news worthy but I’ll give you some of the high lights in this report with inside details held until after I do some research. Reorganization was the main item with Jeff Markovich retaining the presidency as I could not get anyone to oppose him. There is a change in the vice presidency. Bill Hunsicker nominated Dave Hiles, I nominated Korrine Nalensnik who has held that office for a few years. Hiles was elected with me, Korrine and Richard Zabroski voting for Korrine.

The other majority news is that we adopted a tentative budget with a two mill tax increase. I cast the  only no vote.

Another interesting item was a motion to accept or reject a negotiated settlement of the John Barna federal suit on the action that barred him not only from school board meetings but from trespassing on school property. In order to avoid an executive session on this issue with me present the board members who are being sued met privately in the superintendent’s office with the attorney chosen by the insurance company. That meeting resulted in a motion to reject a proposed settlement amount. I declined to vote on that the motion to reject as I  did not know the settlement amount. I tried to get a ruling that we all had a right to know the amount Barna is asking but that failed. I, Zabroski, Genther, and Nalesnik have not been sued so we don’t know the details of any negotiated settlement amount. Former directors Anthony Pondish and Donna Trimmel were also sued and were invited to the private consultation with the lawyer. Solicitor Robert Yurchak also did not attend the meeting in the superintendent’s office.

Mickey Angsr Report 230

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Mickey Angst Report 230      12/04/12

You will note I jumped from Report #207 to #230. Let me explain.         A couple of years ago I ran 23 reports with a different company, and then started over with a 2nd company. I have decided to add them together so this is actually #230.


The PV Budget & Finance Committee meeting held last night got off to a slow start and then ran for about an hour with eight items on  the agenda. There were six board members present for most of the meeting with most of the time devoted to a 2013-2014 Preliminary Budget of $24,768,642.79. That would require a two mill tax increase and that is what will be on the agenda for Thursday’s board meeting. I made it clear I will not vote for a tax increase preliminary or otherwise and the committee head, Irene Genther seemed to agree with me pointing out how many other taxing bodies are hitting us with tax increases. All that, especially my comments, caused Dave Hiles to stomp out and that ended the meeting. It was pointed out we can reduce the proposed increase before the final adoption but we can not add after the preliminary adoption. Hiles, Genther, Richard Zabroski and Korrine Nalesnik are the four directors who could be faced with running for reelection after possibly voting for a tax increase.

Our reorganization meeting is set for this Thursday followed by a regular voting meeting. I don’t yet have an agenda for that meeting. Most of us expected that by now we would have Judge Matika’s ruling regarding keeping me out of Executive Sessions. If we have not, of course I will decline to leave the room, and that could cause some problems as the board is faced with making a decision as to whether or not to negotiate a settlement of the Barna federal case or risk what I believe will run to between $50,000 to $100,000 if Barna wins out.


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